We would like to thank:

+ Lucille Bureau, for the store design
+ Valérie Jelger, for the graphical design and illustrations
+ papa, maman, papà, mamma, for their support, unconditional love and bringing us into the world
+ Vasile and his team, et son équipe, for the building works
+ Bruno Miaud, Neil Mertil and the Société Générale bank, for trusting us from the very beginning
+ Alain Destrem, for his support and his availability
+ Michel Benyamin, for the setup of the company
+ Maître Jean-Philippe Pin, for the legal work
+ Thierry Etoc, for the business coaching
+ Gloria Montenegro and her Caféothèque team, for the barista training
+ Jacques Hellart, for the business training
+ Julie, for her time, devotion, cheerfulness, and for… being Julie
+ Angela, for the store preparation
+ Céline, Christophe, Marianne, Mariah, Xavier, Rodrigo, Laurent for the product tagging and cardboard boxes
+ François, the children, for the photo shoot
+ Idriss, for the “web for the dummies” crash course

+ and last but not least, our daughter, the reason behind mombini.